• Getting Started with Commissions
    Gain an overall understanding of processing commissions in AgencyBloc. Video Guide (4:54)  
  • Creating Rate Tables
    Learn how to create rate tables in the commission section of AgencyBloc. Video Guide (4:32)  
  • Setting Payees on Policies
    Learn how to assign payees to policies within your account. Video Guide (5:39)  
  • Using Payee Schedules
    Learn when and how to use payee schedules in commission processing. Video Guide (5:43)  
  • Setting Policy & Agent Defaults
    Overview As you work with policies and process commissions, you’ll set policies with payees to ensure commissions are split and tracked. To help with this, you can set commissio...
  • Working with Import Maps
    Overview Learn how to provide your Excel based carrier commission statements for mapping. Only one copy from each carrier is needed to build a map.  You can follow the same basi...
  • Using Revenue Types
    Overview Revenue Types provide another layer to commissions processing so you can distinguish and pay out commissions by type. With revenue types, you can distinguish an overrid...
  • Frequency & Advances on Policies
    Overview To track and monitor commissions received, AgencyBloc uses commission frequency settings on Policies. Selecting a commission frequency on a Policy allows you to work wi...